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Getting Started with Spark

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Consultation

Book an appointment through Calendly or contact Kara to request a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Choose Your Package

Choose Your Package

Couples Counseling Sessions - $135/hour

Counseling sessions are 55 minutes and can be scheduled as often as a couple needs. Pricing breaks down to $67.50 per person - less than the going rate for individual counseling sessions in the southeastern Indiana area! 

Couples Counseling Bundling Discount - $460

Request four sessions to be scheduled for you and your partner and receive a discounted rate of $115 an hour - save $80 and set yourself up for intentional time to strengthen your relationship over the course of 4 sessions.

Marriage Assessment - $50

Request a Marriage Assessment to fully review your relationship and identify areas of strength and growth. The assessment is used in addition to couples counseling sessions and the $50 includes the assessment, your results, and an overview of how to interpret your relationship results.

Individual Sessions - $75/hour

Typically sessions are with both partners; however, there are occasions when the couple will agree for the counselor to meet with one partner at a time to ensure needs and goals are met.

Pre-Marital Counseling Package - $500

This $500 package includes the Marriage Assessment, creation of a Mission Statement, 3 Pre-Marital Couples Counseling Sessions, 1 Post-Marriage Couples Counseling Session, and a Wedding Gift. The couple will also receive the ability to book 3 additional sessions during their first year of marriage at a reduced rate of $115/hour.

Marriage Intensive - $2,000

The Marriage Intensive is designed specifically for the couple who applies for the retreat. This 3 day - 2 night intensive includes 11 hours of couples counseling, housing at a southeastern Indiana AirBNB, 2 meals, snacks, a $50 date voucher, and a detailed schedule with relationship-strengthening activities. Couples will grow in intimacy and connection with one another. The intensive is designed to benefit those wanting to enhance their already positive relationship, those in crisis, those experiencing trauma together (such as overcoming an affair, a medical diagnosis, infertility struggles, loss, etc.), or the intensive can be used to target specific issues a couple wants to work through. The Marriage Intensive will spark connection, create opportunity for closeness, and allow the couple space together without other distractions.

Grow Together

Grow Together

Foster healthier communication and a deeper connection as you strengthen your relationship with couples counseling at Spark.

Give the Gift of Counseling

Gift Cards are now available to purchase online

for all Spark Counseling services.

Click the link below to purchase a Gift Card and

become a source of hope and peace to your loved ones

as they pursue strengthening their relationship with each other.

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