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Meet Kara

Therapist Kara Goode is the founder of Spark Counseling in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. She has 15 years experience serving couples and their families as a social worker and desires to help individuals strengthen their significant relationships. Her work focuses on helping individuals discover the motivation behind their behavior, identify their strengths, and then to connect with their partners and loved ones through empathic
communication. Kara has been married since 2009 and currently lives in the Lawrenceburg area with her
husband, three children, dog, and cat.


Kara specializes in conflict resolution and is trained in Nurturing Parenting Education and EMDR therapy.
In her spare time she grows flowers, arranges bouquets, and strives to enjoy life to the fullest. You can find her throwing parties, baking cookies for her neighbors, spending time with her family, traveling, and dreaming of riding camels.

Kara Goode of Spark Counseling
Kara Goode of Spark Counseling

Choosing Couples Counseling

Romantic relationships can be the most life-giving, fulfilling, encouraging part of our lives and at the same time the most draining, difficult and demanding. Often this is because leaning in toward selflessness and vulnerability is not our natural tendency. Our natural tendency is self-centeredness where we look out for our best interests and needs as our priority. Success, goal achievement, and prosperity come from self-driven actions that line up with individual best interests and needs; there is a place for being selfish. However, our selfish perspectives often clouds our vision of the person we love the most and can easily push us into negative cycles where we find ourselves exhausted, empty, frustrated, lonely, and confused in our romantic relationships.

Couples counseling can be compared to a toolbox that you will assemble to meet your relationship needs. It is helpful at any stage in a relationship to foster connection, communication, and self-reflection. Couples counseling is not easy; in the same way that building something from a manual for the first time with power tools is hard. It may get uncomfortable, you may have to acknowledge your mistakes, and you might have to repair where you built a piece in upside-down. However, the counseling will add skills and tools to your toolbox that you will have whenever you need them. After completing therapy there may be days that your toolbox is put away, on a shelf, not being used. But, like a trusty toolbox hanging out in your garage, you can go back to it at any time and utilize it over and over– or return for a refresher – in order to continue to connect with the person you love and care for most.

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