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Couples Counseling with Kara Goode, located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Ignite a Spark

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Couples Counseling

We long to be known, seen, validated, wanted. Fear of rejection, risk of disappointment, experienced traumas, and felt hurt often stands in our way. Within our romantic relationships we find ourselves lonely, isolated, misunderstood, stuck – wanting to say that thing, wanting to take that step toward the other person, wanting to connect in a way that seems possible only in fairy tales. Kara would love to come along side of you and your partner to enhance your communication skills and help assist you to spark a new and fresh connection with your partner. You are beautiful, unique, skilled, needed, wanted – and the risk to experience love and validation is worth it!

Kara Goode of Spark Counseling
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Relationship Support

Spark offers professional, empathetic, respectful counseling to couples in every stage of their relationship. Whether you're contemplating the next big move in your relationship, struggling with communication and conflict, or craving more intimacy Kara is here to help!

Take the first step towards a better relationship today...

“Kara is a great listener and source of encouragement. She loves to help people grow.”

- Ryan

“Kara helped us to reflect on our relationship and we felt confident in our hard decisions moving forward together because of her. We recommend working with her.”

- Anonymous

“Couples counseling wasn't what we wanted, but it was just what we needed. Kara made it easy for us to better our relationship.”

- Michael & June

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